How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer

Facilitators of training, education, learning and development, you’re about to discover how you can truly TRANSFORM what you teach, and produce meaningful MEASURABLE results.

If you’re

  • investing resources on learning and want to improve the return
  • working with material that needs to be more inspiring
  • keen to ensure learning continues long after the happy sheets are completed

And, you want

  • to know how to motivate people to learn what’s vital
  • the key to achieving measurable results even when time or money is scarce
  • increased zest for learning
  • to substantially increase retention levels so what you train is remembered for a longer period

…Then our How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ workshop is exactly the boost you and your team need.

The How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ workshop is an easy to follow, yet comprehensive experience of how to apply a proven brain friendly model, from invitation to evaluation!

Let us share with you our plan for building your learning, so you can see just how much you’ll take away; and because we believe in modelling everything, you’ll be 100% immersed in the methods we teach.

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