Here are some of the questions we regularly help others

to work through which you too can confidently handle

“Is it possible to deliver brain friendly learning using PowerPoint or elearning?”

Yes!!  We use whatever tools are necessary to make learning happen.  In trained hands technology is a very powerful tool – we’ll show you how to use PowerPoint with a light touch, yet deliver your messages with great impact.  You can apply what you learn to elearning and webinars too so that people engage, pay attention and remember what they learn.  Get away from ‘tick box training’.

“What’s most important in helping people learn and retain new knowledge or skills?”

Part of our answer to this question revolves around the major topic of motivation (or ‘state’). As a participant you will experience first-hand what we do to motivate learners to learn before and during an event, and retain learning long after – ideas which we’ll be delighted for you to take away and act upon immediately! We use over 40 memory triggers to aid learners’ retention (in tests, achieving up to 100% retention!) – and by the end of the programme, we’ll have shared them all with you.

“What’s all this ‘fluffy’ stuff I hear about  brain friendly learning?”

There are soundly researched reasons why true brain friendly trainers use colour, props, themes, toys, music, share humour, pay attention to the environment and nutrition, regularly check that the learning is meeting individuals’ needs, etc. You’ll quickly learn why we do what we do, and understand the difference it makes; knowledge that we want you to have if you ever need to handle challenge from participants. This knowledge can help with challenges from other parts of organisations or senior management too. But what is really important for you, is that you learn when and how to use the whole brain friendly model because applying aspects piecemeal often gives facilitators even more challenges to handle!

“I’ve learnt some of this stuff before, although I don’t use it all the time. What more can you teach me?”

Knowledge is only data unless you act upon it. At this workshop you’ll learn: the important stuff about the brain; a rigorously tested process to apply to all learning; and how to use creativity throughout. Plus, you’ll be given design templates to follow. You’ll walk away with a clear blueprint of what you can do with every application, and how to apply your knowledge consistently. If you’re not sure we can add value for you, call us and we’ll find out together!

“How do I handle ‘difficult learners?”

We want to debunk the myth of ‘difficult learners’ right from the off – this is a phrase we never use and, unsurprisingly, we don’t have ‘difficult learners’. What brain friendly learning gives you is the knowledge that every individual has a unique way in which they learn best and how to tap into that. Whilst you’re with us, you will experience an interactive demonstration, of brain friendly learning applied to technical training, and find out how to handle a wide range of learning styles and environments.

“There are so many different aspects to learning; how do I know I’ll experience a ‘complete’ brain friendly event with you?”

Our reputation has been built by modelling everything we say on the tin. From invitation to final evaluation, we actively demonstrate, and you actively experience, how to design what you need to deliver, by keeping the brain firmly at the front of your mind. Plus we share extra learning throughout the 6 month programme; learning which we believe is crucial to the whole brain friendly experience and which you probably won’t find elsewhere. Check out our programme above!

“I head up learning and development in my organisation. I need to breathe new life into our learning delivery, enhance organisational performance, and create long-term change.”

Joining us at How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ is a great way to see, hear, feel, smell and taste, what you can do differently in your organisation. Throughout, you will work on your own applications, supported by us, experiencing first hand the effect these powerful methods can have on performance. You’ll leave feeling enthused to influence a sustainable difference in your organisation.

“Intuitively, I’ve developed a knack for helping people to understand and learn better, but I lack real structure as to how to achieve this consistently.”

This is true of many people when we first work with them, because they’ve gained their knowledge piecemeal. Maybe they’ve read a book on effective facilitation, heard a lecture about group motivation, or even attended a bite size session. By learning bit by bit you can miss out on important learning – and it’s often the really important process or structure, that isn’t conveyed. What we do is share with you our successful model for learning transfer, which you can then seamlessly apply to all your material, whatever the topic, whatever the platform.

 This is where applying our model consistently comes in …

… because the results from applying our model consistently demonstrate that you and professional facilitators everywhere can truly transform what you teach, so long as you use the right tools at the right time and in the right way to make transformation happen. ironbridge contactus