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How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ is back in 2014!

19th - 21st May 2014.

Trainers, facilitators, educators, you're about to discover

How you can truly TRANSFORM what you teach,
and produce meaningful MEASURABLE results.

See what brain friendly learning looks, sounds and feels like with this short video

If you're …

investing resources on learning for insufficient return
working with material that simply doesn't inspire
keen to ensure learning continues long after the happy sheets are completed

And you want …

to know how to motivate more people to be willing to learn what’s vital
the key to achieving measurable results when time or money is scarce
your zest for learning to demonstrate a clear return on investment

Then …

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™

could be exactly the boost you need right now!

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer


By the time you’ve finished reading this page, you will understand …

Red tick What How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ will add to your professional toolkit.
Red tick How it’s the most comprehensive way to absorb a brain friendly learning model.
Red tick Why you won’t want to wait a minute longer to achieve measurable workplace results.


Now, you probably think you've learnt a lot of this before … how to facilitate groups, how to incorporate icebreakers and energisers, how to use PowerPoint, how to deal with challenge, etc.

So before you read any further, we want to make one thing very clear

Truly transforming your training means
putting on a different hat
to the one you've worn up till now!

It means you use your design and development time differently. It means you apply a results driven model consistently to everything you develop. It means you creatively embrace all kinds of media in everything you teach. And above all else, it means you put your learners’ learning first.

Putting on a different hat

But here's the challenge …

Just knowing all the tools and techniques of our trade
doesn't always result in effective learning …

… but consistently applying and modelling what you learn
WILL produce measurable workplace results.

And do you know what concerns us?

… Some facilitators don’t even get round to discovering what is current best practice in learning.

… Some facilitators build their knowledge piecemeal which means they don’t learn when and how to apply it to greatest effect.

… Some facilitators never challenge the status quo which often means they’re working in non-learner centred environments, not known for producing great results!


So do you want to be like some facilitators of learning,
or would you rather …?

Red tickLook forward to designing your sessions because of the creativity this unleashes?
Red tickBe more in tune with your audiences even without a learning needs analysis?
Red tickPeople are absorbed in what you teach because they’re enjoying how they learn?
Red tickLearners retain a long-term memory of the information and learning shared?
Red tickYour input guarantees that meaningful, measurable results are achieved?
Red tickFeel you’re doing the best job in the world and welcome what each new day brings?

We thought so!

Which is why we are bringing you How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer.

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer

An easy to follow, yet comprehensive experience of how to apply a proven brain friendly model from invitation to evaluation!

Let us share with you our plan for building your learning, so you can see just how much you’ll take away; and because we believe in modelling everything, you’ll be 100% immersed in the methods we teach. See, hear and feel what brain friendly learning is like with this short video

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™
Transform Your Training in 3 Terrific Days
Plan for Building Your Learning

Stage 1. Preparation

Before you attend:
Star Questionnaires – so you begin to understand more about learning preferences
Star Pre-reading – an ebook outlining the principles and benefits of brain friendly learning.
Star Learning needs analysis – so that we can ensure the emphasis of the programme meets your specific needs.
Star You decide on a real workplace application that you want to design and deliver.
This element begins to programme your brain towards learning for yourself (because you’re usually wearing the facilitator’s hat), and encourages you to think about what learning outcomes are most important for you. This enables you to hit the ground running on Day 1.


Stage 2. Face to face workshop

Laying Firm Foundations

Star Tools to get everyone talking and learning – as soon as you arrive!
Star How to stimulate the brain to stay alert during presentations, learning and knowledge transfer.
Star Mind mapping – a fantastic tool for all brain friendly learning facilitators.
Star Planning all aspects of learning, the brain friendly way.
Building the Structure
Star The 6-step learning process - how to achieve consistent success with all you design, develop and deliver.
Star Motivating ideas to keep the audience engaged, responsive and refreshed - whatever the content!
Star How do the 5 senses affect how everyone absorbs information and learning? – designing materials and resources for all preferences. Building the Structure
Star The theory and practice of the multiple intelligences and their importance in making learning meaningful to all. Amongst other things, this knowledge helps to minimise challenge in the learning environment.
Star Effective methods to trigger your audience’s memory for all the facts and figures you present – you’ll learn well over 40!
Star Identify 57 ways to test learners’ understanding of what has been learned.
Star Discover the impact of using reviews to retain learning; this is the key to workplace transfer and long-term memory.
Star Participate in our live demonstration of how to bring everything you learn together, which we apply to a technical topic – so you can see, hear and experience how to do it yourself.
Star Why creativity is important in learning and how to get your own creative juices flowing ready for your session.
Star Framing learning through themes and how to open sessions in ways which engage all your learners.
Star Learning to use media and a treasure trove of value for money resources, in a brain friendly way.
Star Design time for your very own session – to be based on a real work application for you.
DIY Delivery
Star Refresher on how to give feedback constructively.
Star Practical delivery of your session to a small group.
Star Feedback from your peers and ideas for developing your session further.
The Grand Design
Star Ask the experts – Q & A session to answer any questions you may have left.
Star Effective closes - how to end on a high to make learning stick.
Star Transforming your learning into action when you’re back at work.
Throughout the learning, and at the start and end of each day, you will experience multi-sensory, multiply-intelligent ways in which you can review learning to ensure people remember it for longer. These ideas are immediately transferable into your own learning designs.

The Grand Design


Stage 3. Embedding

How to transfer learning after.
Star Further resources from us to complete your brain friendly experience.
Star Access to photos of the entire programme to keep your memories alive.
Star Networking with your group to follow up items of interest.
Star Ongoing support from us and lots of fellow brain friendly practitioners, as you refine your sessions into workplace reality.


And if you prefer pictures, here's what we've just said above, put another way…


And if you prefer moving pictures here’s a short video to show you about brain friendly learning.

Who benefits from attending this programme?

Firstly, we want to tell you why you might not benefit from joining us at How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™! You might not benefit if you …

Bullet Have learned to train bit by bit and honestly believe that you’ve now got the whole brain friendly picture.
Bullet Think that audiences automatically understand and retain what you say, just because you’re a humorous facilitator or an expert in your field.
Bullet Consider the way that you teach people is the only way to do it, because it seems OK to you.

Happily, most people we work with wouldn’t describe themselves in this way!

So personally, you’re going to benefit from joining us if you are …

Red tick Curious about how to motivate people in different ways to take in learning, to understand it, to retain what they’ve learned and to apply their new knowledge at work.
Red tick Working to a budget but still need to get results.
Red tick Interested in how you can use your time and energy best when you’re in the design and development phase.
Red tick Keen to see, hear and experience how to use PowerPoint more effectively – or not at all!
Red tick Appreciative that a wide range of media is available so people learn in the best ways for them.
Red tick Wanting to facilitate learner-centred environments, instead of instructional-based classrooms.
Red tick On a quest to add value at all points of contact – with your colleagues, with your learners, with your clients.
Red tick Seeking inspiration for your continued professional development or maybe feeling you're ready for something new.
Red tick Ever told something is hard or impossible to learn but you want to make it meaningful and possible for others to understand.

And professionally, you’ll benefit from working with us if you experience any of these situations (and more!) …

Red tick People asking you to cover 2 days’ material in 1 day – or less.
Red tick Receiving a long training manual, and being asked to deliver the content.
Red tick Having responsibility for learning which is tough, technical or downright tortuous.
Red tick Being asked to deliver ‘compulsory’ learning to people who aren't interested.
Red tick Designing learning programmes, with no alignment to personal / business objectives.
Red tick Hearing horror stories about the ‘group’, and how they’ll behave in your session.
Red tick Working with people from very diverse backgrounds – all in the same group.
Red tick Juggling a bunch of ideas, but with no obvious way to link them together.
Red tick Unnatural, uninspiring environments; you’ll learn how to turn a dungeon into a delight.
Red tick Delivering learning, and knowing nothing about your participants in advance.
Red tick Being presented with 100 PowerPoint slides, and asked to train using them.
Red tick Working with learners whose style is totally different from yours?
Red tick Learners falling asleep during the ‘graveyard’ slot – or even at other times.
Red tick Learn something yourself, and 24 hours later, remember very little?


In the 7 years we’ve run this programme here’s who’s joined us to transform the learning they deliver …

Red tick Heads of organisations - large and small. We’re thinking here of leaders who want to create lasting change or who are heavily involved in how learning is cascaded in their workplace.
Red tick Heads of L&D - people responsible for the strategic direction of how information is learned in the workplace.
Red tick Learning Designers – people who have the important task to prepare sessions or manuals for delivery or absorption by others but never get to see the results.
Red tick Learning Facilitators – those for whom the education, training or development of others is their main work. This group includes learning consultants, trainers, teachers, lecturers, instructors, and may also include parents and community workers who have substantial input into the learning of others.
Red tick Learning Advocates – people within communities who have significant involvement in the design / delivery of education and training opportunities for individuals or groups.

Here are some of the questions we regularly help others
to work through which you too can confidently handle

"Is it possible to deliver learning effectively without using PowerPoint?"

Yes!! If you have previously worked with us, you will know that we don’t always use PowerPoint – to the obvious relief of our audiences! However, in trained hands it can be a very powerful tool – especially when music is added to review learning. Throughout the programme, we’ll be showing you how to use PowerPoint with a light touch, yet deliver your messages with great impact.

"What’s most important in helping people learn and retain new knowledge or skills?"

Part of our answer to this question revolves around the major topic of motivation (or ‘state’). As a participant you will experience first-hand what we do to motivate learners to learn before and during an event, and retain learning long after – ideas which we’ll be delighted for you to take away and act upon immediately! We use multiple memory triggers to aid learners’ retention (in tests, achieving up to 100% retention!) – and by the end of the programme, we’ll have shared them all with you.

"What’s all this ‘fluffy’ stuff I hear about  brain friendly learning?"

There are soundly researched reasons why true brain friendly trainers use colour, props, themes, toys, music, share humour, pay attention to the environment and nutrition, regularly check that the learning is meeting individuals’ needs, etc. You’ll quickly learn why we do what we do, and understand the difference it makes; knowledge that we want you to have if you ever need to handle challenge from participants. And this knowledge can help with challenges from other parts of organisations or senior management too. But what is really important for you, is that you learn when and how to use the whole brain friendly model because applying aspects piecemeal often gives facilitators even more challenges to deal with!

"I’ve learnt some of this stuff before, although I don’t use it all the time. What more can you teach me?"

Knowledge is only data unless you act upon it. Working with us you’ll learn: the important stuff about the brain; a rigorously tested process to apply to all learning; and how to be more creative. Plus, you’ll be given design templates to follow. You’ll walk away with a clear blueprint of what you can do with every application, and how to apply your knowledge consistently. If you’re not sure we can add value for you, call us and we’ll find out together!

"How do I handle ‘difficult learners?"

We want to challenge the myth of ‘difficult learners’ right from the off – this is a phrase we never use and, unsurprisingly, we don’t have ‘difficult learners’. What brain friendly learning gives you is the knowledge that every individual has a unique way in which they learn best and how to tap into that. During the programme, you will experience an interactive demonstration, of brain friendly learning applied to technical information, and find out how it’s designed to appeal to a wide range of learning styles.

"There are so many different aspects to learning; how do I know I’ll experience a ‘complete’ brain friendly programme with you?"

Our reputation has been built by modelling everything we say. From invitation to final evaluation, we actively demonstrate, and you actively experience, how to design what you need to deliver, by keeping the brain firmly at the front of your mind. Plus we share extra learning which we believe is crucial to the whole brain friendly experience; and which you probably won’t find elsewhere. Check out our programme above!

"I head learning and development in my organisation. I want to breathe new life into our learning delivery, enhance organisational performance, and create long-term change."

Joining us at How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ is a great way to see, hear, feel, smell and taste, what you can do differently in your organisation. You will work on your own applications, supported by us, experiencing first hand the effect these powerful methods can have on performance. You’ll leave feeling enthused to influence a sustainable difference in your organisation.

"Intuitively, I’ve developed a knack for helping people to understand and learn better, but I lack real structure as to how to achieve this consistently."

This is true of many people when we first work with them, because they’ve gained their knowledge one piece at a time. Maybe they’ve read a book on effective facilitation, heard a lecture about group motivation, or even attended a bite size session on brain friendly learning. By picking it up bit by bit you can miss out on important learning – and it’s often the really important process or structure, that isn’t conveyed. What we do is share with you our successful model for learning transfer, which you can then seamlessly apply to all your material, whatever the topic.


This is where applying our model consistently comes in …

… because the results from applying our model consistently demonstrate that you and professional facilitators everywhere can truly transform what you teach, so long as you use the right tools at the right time and in the right way to make transformation happen.



Meet the people who will bring this model for success to you –
Stella and Selena

Selena Kukic

Stella Collins Selena Kukic

Stella co-created the powerful, yet simple to apply model we use at How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ to help us, and learning facilitators just like you, to share learning enjoyably, meaningfully, and memorably, so that learners achieve workplace results.

Stella Collins has a BSc in Psychology, an MSc in Human Communication, a Fellow of the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning, founder of the international network for trainers The Brain Friendly Learning Group and a judge for the prestigious Training Journal awards. She also has significant technical experience within the IT industry. Her passion is to breathe interest and vitality into information and learning which has traditionally been seen as dull or hard to learn. With her superb blend of creativity and pragmatism, she always comes up with practical, workable solutions, laced with fun – whatever you challenge her with.

Selena Kukic is the senior trainer and consultant at Fastforward and is our co-trainer on the programme, bringing her unique passion, energy and sense of humour to the programme and of course the ‘local’ perspective and ongoing support to help you to implement what you have learned.

Having trained trainers for more than 15 years she shares her own experiences and provides many examples and stories of the difference that makes the difference as a trainer. As a certified brain friendly trainer and NLP practitioner Selena uses all her expertise to create the optimum learning environment, motivate learners, give space for individual learning and group dynamics as well as building confidence and supporting application of learning.

So as Stella and Selena will be spending 3 days sharing the model with you, we want to tell you 3 facts, so you’ll know what to expect when we meet.


Fact One:
We're passionate about enhancing your abilities
to facilitate learning and others' abilities to remember.

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t been on the receiving end of a learning session which was boring, repetitive, unmeaningful, or sleep-inducing? With her background in technical environments, Stella recalls with horror attending plenty of sessions like that.

And we’re equally sure that we’ve all had experience of forgetting what it’s vital for us to remember, including at very critical times.

Happily, regardless of how you feel about your abilities as a facilitator, we know you can design and deliver learning more effectively, so that no matter how technical the topic, people will enjoy learning from you, they will remember more of what they learn, which will enable them to take action as a result. Which, let’s face it, should be the reason we’re all in this business!


Fact Two:
We’re committed to transforming both learning
and learning environments too.

Next time you’re in a hotel or conference centre, or outside a classroom, do what we do – have a peek or a listen in. Look at the expressions on learners’ faces, listen to the tones of those who are facilitating, put on those learners’ hats, and really experience what they’re going through in their attempts to extract meaning from dry matereal in environments without any soul.

Now we’re completely realistic that individuals and organisations don’t always have big budgets to spend, so in preparing for this programme we help you to choose a venue, to match the brain friendly principles we believe in, so you will be learning in an appealing and inspiring environment, and you’ll see, hear, and experience, how to create one too.


Fact Three:
We’ve trained thousands of people, so we only share
with you, what consistently works for us.

The methods we employ have been used to share information about every subject you care to mention; we learned from others who trained in organisational development including leadership and strategy and we’ve applied our knowledge to all types of soft skills – assertiveness, customer care, influencing, presentation skills, time and stress management, writing for business – to name just a few.

And we particularly enjoy training people to deliver technical topics. This includes finance, health and safety, logistics, IT, law, medicine, government procedures, science, social care, etc. topics which we’re often told can be ‘dull’ and ‘hard to learn’.

In fact, we have yet to come across a topic that is intrinsically dull – because we know they can all be made meaningful and memorable for learners, by applying the model we use. In our experience, all learning is interesting – unfortunately, it’s the delivery that can be made dull!

We’ve been working since 2001, to research and refine the model we’ve developed. And now lots of other people have learned this model and they in turn are truly transforming the material they deliver.

So let’s find out how just a few of them have transformed their training …

3 essentials to applying a
brain friendly model in action.

Essential One:
Underpin everything you design and deliver
with knowledge about how the brain functions best.

Case Study

We’d like you to meet Tracey – she’s the one in the brown trousers in the middle at the front.

At all our programmes for learning facilitators, where we’re teaching brain friendly learning, we believe that beginning with the brain in mind is probably the best place to start.

So we discuss different parts of the brain and how it functions, and our learners consider how to apply their new knowledge to the learning that they share.

Now Tracey’s a Health and Safety trainer, which most readers will know, is not always a popular topic, particularly when it has the words ‘mandatory attendance’ attached! And unfortunately this important topic, often results in lots of ‘no shows’.

As a result of her new learning, Tracey transformed both her invitations and her delivery, to encourage more people to turn up and learn.


Word of mouth spread that H & S training was fun, memorable and useful.
Attendance at required events increased by 50% within 3 months.
Accidents at the Council went down.
Tracey’s pay went up.
More of the budget was allocated to health and safety training.

The Council's investment in brain friendly learning was returned time after time after time!

Essential Two:
Apply a systematic process to everything
you design and deliver.

Case Study

Now please meet Mike. Mike’s an independent, trading as FAM360, an award-winning buildings refurbishment and safety training company.

Mike specialises in training environmental health to Levels 1, 2 and 3 and he learned how to apply a systematic brain friendly process to his design and delivery of learning to qualifications standards.


Mike successfully applied the process to his own learning as well as to those whom he taught.
He grew in confidence and developed ways to test learners without embarrassment.
He knows how to motivate people to turn up and participate in the learning, whatever the topic.
He now has tools at his disposal to ensure learners who challenge him quickly discover what’s in the learning for them.
His learners consistently achieve 100% pass rates – meaning they remember everything Mike teaches them – 100%!

Mike’s investment in his own development has kept him ahead of the game!


Essential Three:
Apply creative thinking to
everything you design and deliver.

Case Study

We’d also like you to meet Chris and Gail – Chris is the guy in blue right in the middle at the back, and Gail’s kneeling at the front, holding up a yellow card.

They joined us at a 4-day brain friendly Train the Trainer event, when they were both working as Animal Health Officers. They were responsible for teaching people about the UK livestock import and export regulations.

As you may have read above, part of our programme includes presenting a session to the group and they decided to work together on this one. On Day 1, they were planning to tweak their regular material a bit; on Day 2 they were starting to be unsure; by Day 3, they’d thrown their old material away, and had gone back to the drawing board.

So the session we saw, heard and participated in at the end of the workshop was about the import and export of livestock, themed to the Wizard of Oz!


Chris and Gail continued to apply creative thinking to this session, and developed it so it was demanded far and wide by their colleagues.
The procedures started to be checked more carefully, resulting in more accurate and successful submissions to the authorities.
Part of their training delivery included teaching others how to spot errors producing an impressive 50% increase in the ‘failure detection rate’.
Neither Chris nor Gail speak French, but they successfully used brain friendly principles to teach Customs Officers the UK regulations in France.
Neither Chris nor Gail speak Spanish, but they successfully used brain friendly principles to teach Customs Officers the UK regulations in Spain.

A Government Agency’s investment in its staff, reduced costs for the taxpayer.


Apply this successful model to everything else
you do.

Case Study

And finally here’s Helen and Mel. the co-founders of First Class, Learning and Development. Mel’s a voracious networker and Helen’s the full-time trainer in their successful business partnership.

Helen already had an interest in delivering effective learning, so grabbed the opportunity to learn more about brain friendly methods. She came away from our 3-day workshop re-invigorated, read lots of books we suggested, and got off to a cracking start, implementing everything she’d learned.

Very quickly, she was getting the results we’d promised, and here’s what she said at the time:

“I would like to tell you about a real achievement today.  I have just done a half day programme titled ‘Dealing with difficult people’ - their title not mine!  This was for a sceptical and questioning bunch, but thanks to the brain friendly approach there were 100% rave reviews!” 

Enthused by the difference the brain friendly approach brings to learning, Helen then influenced Mel that the whole First Class team would benefit from introducing these memorable methods to their extensive training portfolio. And that’s exactly what happened – Mel and 10 of the First Class associate team then attended one of our events en masse.

And here’s what Mel fed back afterwards:

“The workshop was a real eye opener; the facilitation was superb; time flew by, well paced, fun and memorable.  I would recommend the approaches to anyone who is involved with learning, development or presentations.  The brain friendly approach will certainly be encouraged and developed within First Class to give our clients the best possible return on their investment.” 

And what they’ve now done is go the extra mile and embrace brain friendly ideas across their entire business – with immediate and positive results. Even their web designer joined the workshop!


They’ve re-branded and changed their website.
They use brain friendly ideas in proposals, tenders and at presentations.
And get more business as a result.
They receive consistently excellent feedback from their training delivery.
And reliably achieve measurable workplace results for their customers.

Which, is (or should be!) the bottom-line for all of us who facilitate learning in others!


As well as the above case studies,
See and hear what people from a previous programme say in this video

"If you are experienced already trainer - this training is for you - to have new challenges, new point of view to things."

Sandra Lace,
Komercizglitibas centrs, Latvia (Independent trainer)


"It is very inspirational and useful for every trainer"

Sonja Bencina-Crnic, Krka, Slovenia (Assistant Head – Training and development)


As a coach rather than trainer I assumed some of the material wouldn’t be useful for me. This was definitely not the case. I learned how to bring my coaching sessions to life and gain real buy in from those who are learning. I have already put some of the techniques into place and am seeing positive results. So although this course may be perceived as a ‘trainer’ course, it is perfect for those who develop others in any arena.

Kelly Shaw, Leeds Building Society


"Thank you for re-igniting my fire."

Danny Norcross, Training Consultant at Sysdoc, New Zealand.


"A wonderful, fun and informative course for anyone who aspires to be ‘great’ in the world of L & D."

Stacey Love, Fitness First


"The overall class was great and inspiring on how I can do things differently!"

Helen Sawyer, Volvo


"I’ll definitely be using your prework technique going forward as I see it as a great way to begin engagement – and have an impact on attendance."

Penny Brooks, The Automobile Association


"Thank you for all the time you spent in getting the details right, and modelling the good practice we were learning. I have so many new ideas now that I want to put into practice straight away."

Sue Daly, Resolutions for Change


"How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer: it did what it said on the tin! A smorgasbord of rich, colourful, tasty Brain Friendly delights, beautifully served."

Sally Dhillon, Nudge Forward


What's included in your investment?

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ is our most comprehensive programme, where you have the opportunity to spend 3 full days with Stella, assisted by Selena, sharing the knowledge it has taken us years to acquire! You can expect:

Red tick A highly interactive and intensive workshop with a limited number of like-minded professionals who are curious and passionate in their pursuit of excellence.
Red tick Refreshments from dawn till dusk and lunches each day designed to keep your brain and your body fit and refreshed.
Red tick An inspiring environment in which to think, work, and learn. Whatever the topic, we’ll show you how improving the environment makes a real difference to what is heard and absorbed.
Red tick To dress for your personal comfort, the environment to be informal yet fast-paced, and your participation to be vital to all the group’s learning.
Red tick Timings will be sent to you with joining information; be prepared for your days to be full!
Red tick To work with everyone in the group, experiencing the dynamics of different group sizes in learning, as well as having lots of opportunities for personal reflection about how to put your own learning into action.


Learning – Begin with the Brain in Mind
Value – €12

Stella and her co-author, Ann Grindrod's first ebook in the Brain Friendly Essentials series sets the scene for how learning can be absorbed differently. You will receive a copy with our compliments to read, learn, and inwardly reflect upon before the workshop.

Colour pots

Kitbag of Sensory Resources
Value - €32

During your time with us, you’re going to be learning why all the senses - sight, sound, feel, smell and taste - are vital ingredients in how people absorb information. Our multi-sensory gift to you means you can start using what you learn immediately in your own learning environment.

Full Colour Workbook
Value - €172

Comprehensive, full colour, workshop manual with lots of our ideas – plus plenty of space for your lightbulb moments, reflections, and doodles – all which will keep your learning alive! Plus there’s lots of examples of when to give people plenty of information, and how to do it, and when to share information with a lighter touch. Full colour is really important – and you’ll discover why!

Samples from which you can Prepare Materials
Value – at least €172

Sometimes, people leave training events buzzing with lots of ideas, but they never quite manage to start doing things differently! Because achieving measurable workplace results is central to the difference we want to make for you with our methods, we help you get off to a flying start with a collection of easy to follow checklists and templates from the entire workshop, from which you start working on your own designs immediately, with our support and guidance. Plus a template presentation, mapped out with all the ideas we’re sharing, as we build your knowledge each day. Think how much preparation time you'll save!

ITOL Accredited Training
Value - €Lifetime

Stella Collins and her UK colleague Ann Grindrod are the only training providers accredited by The Institute for Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) to deliver How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer. On successful completion of this unique programme, you will receive internationally recognised certification – which you can frame and hang on your wall.

3 months of support and follow up after the workshop

We have a structured review process designed to support you as you put your new ideas into practise and you’ll learn all about the process during the workshop – it’s a vital and often neglected part of brain friendly learning. We will stay in touch with you at regular intervals for 3 months and provide you with additional materials, resources and support.

Bonus #7:
A brain friendly learning environment

Your time will be spent at Vodnjak Znanja Leaning Centre, Lubljana and all your lunches, breaks and brain friendly snacks will be provided during the programme. Plus we’ll share some of our secrets to creating your own brain friendly environments

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™

Your investment is 1190 EUR (plus tax) for the full 3 day workshop, follow up programme and all bonuses.

We are flexible and supportive, tell us what you need to make it possible for you to invest in the development of your leaders and we’ll support you in whatever way we can.

We can provide payment by installments or discount for advance payments and special terms for more than 1 group from the same organisation and of course special prices for creating a specific programme for your organisation.

We believe this programme gives you amazing value, so we are offering you a 100% risk free guarantee.

If, within a day, you are not already inspired with ways you can do things differently, you may choose to leave the event, and your fees will be refunded. We also appreciate your feedback, so we learn too.

Contact us on: and we’ll arrange a suitable meeting
to discuss your specific needs and create the perfect plan for you.

Share brain friendly training with the world


FastForward International d.o.o.
Contact person: Pam Welsby

T: 00 386 40 200 150.

See, hear and feel what brain friendly learning is like with this short video


And finally, here's to all Your Future Successes – Whatever Learning You Share!

Pam Welsby

Stella Collins Pam Welsby

Selena Kukic

Selena Kukic


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