What you get

What’s included in your investment?

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ is our most comprehensive event, where you have the opportunity to spend 3 full days with us, sharing the knowledge it has taken us years to acquire! You can expect:

  • highly interactive and intensive workshop with a limited number of like-minded professionals who are curious and passionate in their pursuit of excellence.
  • Refreshments from dawn till dusk and lunches each day designed to keep your brain and your body fit and refreshed.
  • An inspiring environment in which to think, work, and learn. Whatever the topic, we’ll show you how improving the environment makes a real difference to learning. We’ll hope to spend some time working outdoors too – weather permitting!
  • To dress for your personal comfort, the environment to be informal yet fast-paced, and your participation to be vital to all the group’s learning.
  • Timings to be flexible but be prepared for full days!
  • To work with everyone in the group, experience the dynamics of different group sizes in learning, and lots of opportunities for personal reflection about how to put your own learning into action.

If you want to participate in just day 1 to begin with, talk to us about how you can be certified on the ‘Introduction to Brain Friendly Learning’ programme.

ebook1-smallBONUS #1
Learning – Begin with the Brain in Mind

Our first ebook in the Brain Friendly Essentials series sets the scene for how learning can be absorbed differently. You will receive a copy with our compliments to read, learn, and inwardly reflect upon before you arrive.

Kitbag of Sensory Resources

During your time with us, you will learn why all the senses – sight, sound, feel, smell and taste – are vital ingredients in how people absorb information. Our multi-sensory gift to you means you can start using what you learn immediately in your own learning environment.

Full Colour Workbook

Comprehensive, full colour, workshop manual with lots of our ideas – plus plenty of space for your lightbulb moments, reflections, and doodles – all which will keep your learning alive! Plus there’s lots of examples of when to give people plenty of information, and how to do it, and when to share information with a lighter touch. Full colour is really important – and you’ll discover why!

Samples from which you can Prepare Materials

Sometimes, people leave training events buzzing with ideas, but they never quite manage to start doing things differently! Because achieving measurable workplace results is central to the difference we want to make for you with our methods, we help you get off to a flying start with a collection of easy to follow checklists and templates from the programme, from which you start working on your own designs immediately, with our support and guidance. Plus a template presentation, mapped out with all the ideas we’re sharing, as we build your knowledge each day. Think how much preparation time you’ll save!

BONUS #5itol app prog
ITOL Accredited Training

 Stellar Learning are the only training providers in the UK accredited by The Institute for Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) to deliver events using the brain friendly methods we share. On successful completion of this unique programme, you will receive internationally recognised certification – which you can frame and hang on your wall.

Ongoing Support

We have found that the fastest way to embed new learning is through the continuing support and inspiration of others. Your ongoing support gives you a blended package including membership of our unique Brain Friendly Learning Group, continuing resources for inspiration, and substantial personal consultancy from us on an application of your choice. Further details will be provided when you attend the event.

A lovely venue, overnight accommodation including evening meal, refreshments and food galore

You’ll be at a lovely venue and and we’ve negotiated a great package including brain friendly lunches, all day long refreshments, those really nice fruity sweets you like, access to superb leisure facilities plus complimentary parking.
Past participants have found that networking and sharing ideas in the evening has significantly contributed to their experience and learning so the overnight accommodation is a huge bonus. Plus an evening meal will be included so you can use the time however you wish – you may like to continue sharing your ideas or benefit from some reflection time.

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ 
What’s the investment?

Considering how many years we’ve spent developing and refining this model and how much return you and/or your organisation will get in terms of time saved and the results you achieve (see the case studies above), you would expect the investment to be very expensive.

However, we’re on a mission! And our mission is to share brain friendly learning with the whole world.


We believe that the more people who learn and implement these methods, the faster individuals and organisations will be motivated towards learning and will achieve measurable workplace results.

But the only way we can encourage as many people as possible to learn these ideas with us, is to offer this learning at a very reasonable rate!

So, your investment in  …

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™

Transform Your Training in 3 Terrific Days

Is only £1,497! (+ VAT)

participantsBut when we say as many people as possible, unlike some companies, we don’t mean that we work with huge groups, in order to maximise our income!

In fact, we limit the people we work with at this open workshop to a maximum of just 6 participants per trainer  and up to 12 people – to ensure you get our maximum personal time and attention.


If you prefer us to invoice you please phone +44 797 110 6697 or email info@stellarlearning.co.uk



If you …

… have any more questions, you’ve very welcome to call us on +44 797 110 6697
or email info@stellarlearning.co.uk
… want to find out more about how brain friendly learning looks, sound and feels watch a short
video here Show me about brain friendly learning.mov


And finally, here’s to all your future successes – whatever learning you share!