How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ open Workshop

Today, neuroscience is a buzzword for many trainers, coaches, educators and learning and development specialists, but do you know how to apply it practically in a learning environment?

What about brain friendly learning? Anyone can state they use brain friendly learning, but can you truly say you understand and comprehensively use the principles in everything you deliver?

Our renowned brain friendly TTT programme ‘How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™’ is the only 3 day brain friendly workshop accredited by ITOL.

How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer review March 2017

Why attend a brain friendly training workshop?

  • Look forward to designing your sessions because of the creativity this unleashes
  • Be more in tune with your audiences
  • Get your participants engaged and absorbed in what you teach because they’re enjoying how they learn
  • Enable your learners to retain a long-term memory of the information and learning shared
  • Your input guarantees that meaningful, measurable results are achieved
  • Enjoy training by feeling you’re doing the best job in the world and welcome what each new day brings

Who should attend brain friendly training?

  • Learning Advocates – people within communities who have significant involvement in the design / delivery of education and training opportunities for individuals or groups.
  • Learning Designers – people who have the important task to prepare sessions or manuals for delivery or absorption by others but never get to see the results.
  • Learning Facilitators – those for whom the education, training or development of others is their daily bread and butter.  e.g. coaches, compliance trainers, Health & Safety trainers, instructors, IT trainers, lecturers and teachers, parents and community workers
  • Heads of learning and development (L&D)/ Organisational Development (OD) who want to create a culture shift so that learners become responsible for their own learning
  • Heads of organisations, large and small – ideal if you are a leader needing to create lasting change, or, you are heavily involved in how learning is cascaded in your workplace.
  • Experts – technical experts who are asked to share their knowledge with others and want to find the best way to avoid cognitive overload yet make learning stick for the long term

Take a look at the How to be a Brain Friendly Trainer™ programme – click here

Aims and Objectives:

What becoming a brain friendly trainer gives trainers is the academic knowledge about neuroscience and the psychology of learning, a learner centred philosophy, a rigorous process for design and delivery, and the personal creativity to handle most learning situations in a way which: demonstrates a learner-centred approach; meets the needs of the organisation; and inspires them with a constant zest for training delivery.
Even experienced trainers who have experience of other programmes find they have new insights and are re-invigorated using brain friendly principles. Organisations that embrace the principles find learners retain and implement their learning better

Overall outcomes

  • Create sound footings to use brain-based methods in all information / learning design, development and delivery
  • Design learning project templates to achieve consistent quality
  • State the steps to achieve maximum learning transfer with all audiences
  • Fire your imagination with at least 10 creative ideas to transform environments, learning and language
  • Build on your existing knowledge with concrete design, development and delivery opportunities
  • Construct an action plan to take new perspectives forward
  • Experience a completely brain friendly environment and the difference it makes to learning